Men and Women Under Construction, 501 (c) 3 was founded because we wanted to help people meet the lack in their lives and let them know that Jesus hears their prayers. People become homeless and families fall on hard times and begin to lose faith and think that their prays haven’t been heard. Oftentimes, they have gotten so caught up in trying to make it, they stop going to church if they were going or don’t see a need for worship at all. We felt that you can pray and talk with a person about Christ and invite them to Church, but once you leave them, they may have enjoyed the prayer and heard the message preached, but they are still hungry or need assistance with their rent, or a Homeless person needing just a Forklift Certification to get a job.

In Acts chapter 2:42-47, the people devoted themselves to the Apostle’s teaching. They sold their property and possessions to meet their neighbors needs to make sure everyone had and there was not a lack anywhere and the people were so grateful they worshipped and praised and gave God all the Glory, because He not only saved them with His sacrifice but because of His Love the people were able to represent Christ’s heart through their giving and sharing of their possession reduplicating the example of Christ.

If you also feel a desire to help your neighbors, please contact Men and Women Under Construction today and let’s discuss how you can contribute to the greater cause of helping people and replicating the love of Christ.